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FAQ'S For Gold Booking

What is VGold?
VignahartaGolds VGOLD is a brand where the customer can purchase 99.5 purity Gold in the denominations from 10 gram in easy and affordable installment. Under this unique scheme, the customers are able to lock the gold price for delivery of physical gold at a future date. What’s more, this can be followed up to 36 months installments with zero interest.
What are the Features of the scheme?

Some salient features of the scheme are:

   • The scheme allows the customer to lock the price of Gold.

   • The customers can pay for the 99.5 pure gold through easy, interest free installments.

What is the tenure of the scheme?
Up to 36 month (chosen by customer)
What is the Minimum Purchase quantity under the scheme?
Minimum purchase quantity 10 grams
Will you buy-back the Gold from me at a later date?
VGOLD doesn’t have a policy to buy back the gold it sells to the customer by vendor.
How does VGold differ from Gold ETFs?
In VGold, the customer can buy gold in physical form at the time of maturity but in Gold ETF the retailinvestor will not get gold in physical form. In VGold, prices of Gold are fixed at the time of booking, so as to avoid any market fluctuations; but in Gold ETF, the prices of gold are not fixed- the NAV varies according to the market fluctuations.
Who can participate in the scheme?
The scheme is for Indian individuals who wish to purchase 99.5 purity gold. Corporate, Partnerships and HUFs are also welcome to participate in the scheme.
How do the customers invest in VGold?
To invest, the customer needs to submit a duly filled client application form; self attested copies of ID proof & Pan Card, cross signed colored photograph on the form, the customer would also need to submit a down payment amount cheque or Cash along with the requisite documents
What are the various touch points for any customer queries?
For any queries, the customer can drop an Email to or our Customer Care Number 8888335506
Are there any restrictions on the number of applications a customer can submit?
No, there are absolutely no restrictions on the number of applications. Every time a customer wishes to make a purchase, he/she will have to submit the duly filled and signed VGold application form other requisite documents.
What are the charges applicable to the customers?
The customers need to pay the booking charges 100 per gram.
What happens if the customer misses a payment?
If the customer misses a payment, he/she will be informed of the pending payment thru a call and Email. If the payment is still not made, then the account will be dealt as prescribed in the T&C.
In the event of death of a customer, can the scheme be continued by his/her nominee?
In the event of death of a customer, his/her account will be closed; refunds for the amounts paid by him/her will be given to the nominee.
What happens after the payment of final installment?
The customer can take the delivery of Gold on payment of all dues. The delivery will be taken from the vendor chosen by the customer.
When does a customer become eligible for delivery?
Post payment of all dues- installments, taxes, penalties (if any) etc the customer will become eligible to collect gold by vendor chosen by him/her.
What documents need to be presented to take delivery?
The customer would be required to carry the ID proof & letter of delivery to the vendor.
What if I want the delivery of Gold earlier than the maturity of my scheme?
The customer can apply for delivery of gold before maturity date by paying all the remaining installments & dues; there are Rs.25 per gram prepayment charges.
Is your Gold rate higher from the price printed in the newspaper?
No our rate of gold is competitive with market.
What happens if the price falls after I purchase the gold?
The rate once booked by the customer cannot be changed if the price falls or rises on a future date. The product value remains the same as on the day of booking by client.
Can I sell the gold to someone during the duration of the scheme?
The scheme is non-transferable hence cannot be sold.
Local jeweller has a similar scheme for gold on installment, how is your scheme different?
Local jewelers provide deposit schemes to purchase jewelry and not pure gold. Those schemes do not lock the price of gold.
What guarantee do I have that VGOLD will deliver the Gold to me upon maturity of the scheme?
Customer gets a booking receipt that’s legal document.

FAQ'S For Gold Deposit

What is the Purpose of Gold Deposit Scheme ?
• To mobilize the 24K/99.5% pure gold in our business for production use.
• To provide you an opportunity to earn dividend on their 24K/99.5% pure gold holding
What benefits I can get from Gold Deposit Scheme ?
• You can have safety & security of gold in VGOLD without any cost with National Bank Guarantee.
• You can earn dividend income on your 24K/99.5% pure gold.
Who can deposit ?
• Any Resident Indian of the following categories
• Individuals, singly or jointly
• HUFs
• Trusts
• Companies.
What is the minimum quantity of gold I can deposit ?
• You can deposit minimum 10 grams of gold in 24K/99.5% pure gold.
What are the periods for which I can keep the deposit ?
A Gold Deposit are available for maturity periods of minimum 3 month to 36 month
How much Dividend I can get ?
• A Per month 10 gram, Rs. 100/-
What documents I have bring at the time of deposit ?
• Identity proof.
• Address proof.
• Photograph.
You are also required to submit
• Application Form,
• Nomination Form (in case of single individual),
• ECS Form (for of dividend into your account).
What proof shall I get on deposit of my VGOLD at time of deposit ?
• A provisional Deposit certificate
• Copy of Agreement of Gold Deposit
Bank Guarantee of Bank of Maharashtra
Can I deposit my ornaments with VGOLD ?
• No. You can deposit only 24K/99.5% purity GOLD.
Can I exit of deposit prematurely ?
There is a lock in period of 3 month. After 3 month, premature payment is allowed with normal penalty of Rs. 50per gram.
What is the redemption procedure ?
• You have to submit the original Certificate with copy of Agreement of Gold Deposit & Bank Guarantee, duly discharge on the reverse, to VGOLD office, before 10 days of the maturity (15 days if repayment is in GOLD).
Can I renew my gold deposit ?
• Renewal is permitted any time after maturity.
Can I transfer VGOLD GOLD DEPOSIT certificate to anybody?
• No this scheme is non transferable