Terms & Conditions

  1. That present Gold Booking Scheme is only in respect of 24 K. Purity Gold, and the rate prevalent at the time of actual booking shall be made applicable.
  2. The Applicant Customer shall pay 15% of Booking rate at the time of booking, and remaining amount shall be payable in Minimum Monthly Installment (MMI).
  3. The rate of 24 K. Purity Gold as prevalent at the time of actual booking shall be final and the same shall always remain binding.
  4. Minimum quantity for Booking shall be 10 grams only.
  5. Rs. 100 per Gram will be charged as the processing fee/ Booking Charges (Non Refundable).
  6. That before 5th day of each month the customer shall pay his/her Minimum Monthly Installment (MMI) without any delay. In case of delay in payment of MMI within stipulated period, the late fee Rs. 10/- Per Grams for each month shall be imposed. All the payment shall be by Cheque only.
  7. In case of dishonor of Cheque minimum bouncing charges of Rs. 500/- shall be charged.
  8. If the customer fails to pay/ deposit Minimum Monthly Installment for continuously three months, then the Company will not be bounded for the booking rate. At the 10th day of 7th month the position will be settled. Cancellation charges Rs.500 per gram will be charged, and after deducting all such arrears, charges etc. remaining amount will be paid to the customer.
  9. That present Certificate in non transferable.
  10. That upon payment of all the Minimum Monthly Installment (MMI), the Company will hand over the Booked Gold to the customer on next working day.
  11. That Gold to be handed over/delivered to the Customer shall be in the form of Biscuit/s only. Making charges, if any shall be paid by the Customer separately.
  12. In case the rate of the Gold decreases/reduces at any time in future, then Booking rate shall always remain binding.
  13. Customer will bring Photo and Photo ID at the day of booking and at the day of taking actual delivery of gold.
  14. Vat and all other Govt. Taxes & levies which are applicable or which may become applicable shall be paid by Customer at the day of actual delivery.
  15. In case of Pre-mature cancellation of Booking, charges Rs. 25/- Per Gram shall be charged. However, at any cost the Customer shall not be allowed to exit/skip within a period of first six months.
  16. Subject to Pune City Jurisdiction only.